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Rapeseed Meal

Category: Animal Feed
Rapeseed Meal is a product derived by processing Rapeseed, commonly known as Mustard Seed. Rapeseed Meal is a protein-rich meal used for feeding livestock and poultry. It is produced by extracting oil from rapeseed. Rapeseed is a winter crop grown in temperate climates around the world. Once harvested, the Rapeseed undergoes multistage oil extraction processes like seed cleaning, pre-conditioning, rolling and flaking, cooking and pressing. Solvent extraction (hexane) of the press-cake is then carried out to extract the remainder of the oil. The disadvantaging and toasting takes place under hygienically controlled conditions.
Protein38% Min.
Moisture12% Max.
Crude Fibre12% Max.
Sand Silica2.5% Max.
Fat1.5% Max.
Aflatoxin20% PPB Max.
Oil Content1.5%
Packing50Kg. PP Bag OR Jute Bag
Loading20 Ft. FCL can load 20-21 Mts.

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