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Who we are

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Shaivam Overseas we are manufacturer and supplier of Food and Agro Products in India. The world needed quality products from India in the Food and Agro market which was the reason we marched ahead into this venture.

Shaivam Overseas roots are in the field of Food and Agro Commodities with rich experience backing it. And so today, our business is assisting the buyers worldwide in procuring our products they need with their demand in specifications of quality and price. We provide time define delivery and end-to-end visibility and control.

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Team Memaber
  • 25+ Products
  • Assure Quality
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Our vision and Mission would make the identity of the Enterprise clearer. Our philosophy is excellence driven to find the best solutions for the customer’s requirement and which results in the creation of long standing relationship built on mutual trust. Shaivam Overseas is formed with an objective of supplying the best quality Agriculture and Food products in which India is good at producing. We pride ourselves in having very close working relationship with our customers and have a much focused market driven philosophy.

Shaivam Overseas continues its role and responsibility as the industry initiator and strong market contender of bringing quality products to the marketplace. Team Shaivam is a well organized professional with immense passion and deep understanding about the sourcing, processing, packing and shipping. The word ‘Employee’ is excluded from the Shaivam's dictionary. Anybody working with Shaivam is treated as co-partner and team member. We understand the reality and wanted to solve the challenges faced by importers in this industry across the globe. We really wanted to make a difference and our business dealing is absolutely transparent. We always share our ideas and thoughts and help the people to ensure the proper care has been taken. We believe in equality irrespective of the country. We strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of the business right from the beginning. Prompt response to Enquiries, complete information and details for all customer questions & queries, regular connect and updates to the customer till the time shipment reaches destination port and product feedback is received. We really mean it and abide by all the information.

Being a part of Indian business fraternity we are committed to extend the best of our efforts for the development of Nation economically. We would like to share our insights on an emerging scenario of economy and industry. Honestly, I feel our industry is poised at an inflection point from where we foresee a sharp recovery curve, happy days are re-knocking our doors.

Vision :
Our purpose leads to the advancement of best quality and thus contributing the comfort and enhancement to the existence of human life. Seeks always to be considered as the major contributor to the society economically and culturally. Dedicated to the development of product through scientific excellence and innovations.

Mission :
Makes life merry to all those who are associate with us. To provide perfect environment and seeks to be the most preferred organization to work with. To patronize the product knowledge and information among the interested.

Values :
Respect for everyone’s dignity. Highest standards of personal integrity and trustworthiness. Participation and effective teamwork with Honest and sensitive communication.